2014-07-28 09.19.23As an avid theater-goer, museum lover and all around consumer of culture I try to avoid reviews by top critics. I prefer to make my own decisions. With fresh eyes I can be excited, amazed or even disappointed. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I gain new insight and sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief. People (okay friends and family) often ask for my opinion. All they want to know is: “what it’s about, was it good and is it worth seeing”. This blog gives short, sweet, no-nonsense reviews — in just three paragraphs — and passes along discount information when it’s available. LAR


imageHow did a girl from Queens, who grew up on a diet of basic Jewish food (nowadays it’s called cuisine) grow up to covet cronuts, moan over macarons and dream about donuts? Practice, practice, practice. Yes, I’ll walk a mile out of my way to sample the latest foodie obsession — but I am burning off calories. There is a limit to my madness. I won’t wait on line for hours to get into a restaurant — but I do love the hunt. I also love Broadway and off-Broadway, cocktails with too many ingredients, and celebrity sightings (I have the weird “ability” to recognize the famous and not-so-famous). AFW



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