Lobby Hero – No Heroes Here

Whether it be through words or facial expressions, characters in Kenneth Lonegran’s plays and movies always leave indelible impressions on me. And that is the case in the revival of Lobby Hero. Four characters, over the course of a couple of days, reveal too much of themselves to each other, doing harm as it seems they just can’t help what pours from their mouths.

Michael Cera is the axis around which the other characters, portrayed so ably by Brian Tyree Henry, Chris Evans, and Bel Powley, revolve. Cera is Jeff, a man in his late 20s who is adrift; he lives with his brother, owes him money, and doesn’t have a date to an upcoming wedding of a friend. Henry is William, a by-the-book boss who takes his job as supervisor of building security guards (not doormen!) very seriously. Evans and Powley are police officers Bill and Dawn. He’s the officer everyone looks up to – especially rookie Powley who has a crush on him and has slept with him once. Add to the mix unseen but spoken about characters. There is the woman in the building who Bill is having sex with while on his shift, William’s brother who’s about to be arrested for an especially heinous crime and is asking William to provide an alibi, and assorted parents, lawyers, and other police officers who these four have to answer to and have made them the people they are today.

This revival is particularly timely with its plot lines of sexual harassment, racial profiling and alienation. There is great humor in the play and fully realized dialogue. You’re left wondering how both the specific issues alluded to in the play work out and what the future holds for these four very fallible people. AFW


Hayes Theater 240 West 44th Street

Running Time: 2 hours & 25 minutes (one intermission)

Runs thru: May 13th

Ticket Prices: $99-169.00 discounts available TKTS & discount ticket sites


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