The Terms of My Surrender –  Give yourself over to this wild ride

MM FlintIt’s been quite a week…United Nations, Huntsville, Kaepernick, Curry and let’s not forget Rocket Man… Everyone in the audience at The Terms of My Surrender needed a break and some levity and we found it with Michael Moore in the Belasco Theater. Moore knows he is preaching to the choir, but he’s there to inspire and cajole us into action.

Moore, as expected, opens the show with a tirade about the state of the union AND football. (which must have been added today). He  calms down and begins regaling us with stories. In high school he learned the power of the written word after writing a winning speech and saw that what he had to say brought about change. He relates  how he and a friend were covered in the international news after they conned their way into a Nazi cemetery during a wreath-laying ceremony that Ronald Reagan was attending. We learn of Moore’s foray into local Michigan politics, where he ran for a seat on a school board because of his distaste for school policies and especially those that enforced them. But one of his most powerful stories gave a shout out to a woman who used her voice to save his book, “Stupid White Men”, from the wood chipper. These anecdotes were as hilarious as they were touching and they served to illustrate the impact that each of our voices can have.

Moore’s strength, though some say his weakness, is in using hyperbole to make his points. He claims he foresaw the changes in the country that made it ripe for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS. He also thinks he knows who should run in 2020 – I won’t give that away! But as entertaining as Michael Moore’s free-wheeling Broadway debut is, this show is really a vehicle to fire up people and get them involved for the 2018 elections..I drank the kool-aid and just downloaded the app.


The Belasco Theater, 111 W 44th Street

Ticket prices : $29-$149

Discounts available – Currently none listed, but check the seat filler organizations

Runs thru: October 22, 2017

Running time: 2 hours +, no intermission



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