Fiddler on the Roof – Tradition with a fresh twist

Fiddler 2 I think there may be an unwritten law when discussing theater in 2016 that you have to somehow reference “Hamilton.” So I’ll do so — the revival of Fiddler on the Roof reminds me of the story of the founding fathers. Both are thrilling, fresh and tell an important history. That a show like Fiddler can pull that off is a testament to this revival — to the actors who bring the full range of joy and sadness to the story, to the fresh choreography and staging, and to the realization that the story of people who are driven from their homeland because of their religion and have to find a land that welcomes them is unfortunately as apropos today as it was in Anatevka.

The cast, led by a spectacular Danny Burstein as Tevye, is uniformly excellent. The relationship that he has with his wife and daughters will make you laugh and cry. (In one scene between Tevye and Chava you could barely hear the dialogue over the sniffles in the audience.) The dancing, by Israeli choreographer Hofesh Shechter (this is his first Broadway show) is exuberant and, in the scene of Tevye’s and Golde’s nightmare, witty. Tony award winning director Bartlett Sher, who has brought a fresh take to a number of revivals, makes this production one not to be missed.  

In the show Tevye weighs various pros and cons by saying, “On the one hand,” and then noting, “On the other hand…” On the one hand I have friends and family who don’t want to see Fiddler because they’ve been there and done that. On the other hand, I would say to them they should act like a rich man, spend their gelt, and see this production. You’ll leave humming beloved songs and the show will remind you to raise a glass “to whatever comes.” AFW

Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway

Ticket prices: $35.00-$152.00

Discount tickets: available theatermania & broadwaybox

Runs thru: Currently on sale thru July 3, 2106

Running time: 2 hours & 45 minutes with one intermission


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