Barbecue – nothing good is cooking at The Public

BarbecueTo say too much about Robert O’Hara’s new play Barbecue would be a spoiler. But what I can say is that there’s a great and sizzling first act. Unfortunately it just fizzles out with a trite and silly Act Two.

In this play black can be white, reality can be fantasy, and meth can be crack. Act OneI takes place at a public park where a trashy family (or two) is going to stage an intervention for their sister Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah aka Barbara. Act One is funny and thought-provoking. Unfortunately it ends. What happens in Act Two is ridiculous, unbelievable and not funny. Maybe the playwright was smoking crack. O’Hara took a great idea and wasted it.

I didn’t see his Obie winning Bootycandy, but this world premiere at The Public of his latest play Barbecue made me want to stay home and get delivery. LAR

The Public Theater – 425 Lafayette Street

Ticket prices: $50 (discounts available for members of The Public Theater)

Running time:  Approximately 2 hrs with one intermission

Runs thru: November 1, 2015


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