Old Times – given a new life

old timesSpoiler alert (not for this play)…­­ you know after you saw “The Sixth sense” and found out Bruce Willis’s character is dead and you go back and watch the movie multiple times to see all the clues you missed? Now that I’ve seen Old Times I want to see it again (and perhaps again) to re­examine the nuanced statements and body language in this cryptic Harold Pinter work.

Excellent acting by Eve Best, Kelly Riley and Clive Owen kept me thoroughly engrossed in this alternately frosty and hot play. The plot is deceptively simple ­ Kate and Deeley (Reilly and Owen) await the arrival of Anna (Best) who is Kate’s long­time (and only) friend. They haven’t seen each other in quite some time. Questions abound ­ why is she traveling solo, is she a vegetarian, why have the two friends been apart so long? Once Anna arrives some of the questions are answered but a slew of others rear their heads as the threesome travel down memory lane and Deeley and Anna engage in a battle for Kate’s attentions and perhaps her soul.

I was thankful to hear a brief talk regarding Pinter and this play before seeing it but I still left the the show with so many questions ­ which is what Pinter was going for. The play’s brevity and self­contained set packs more discourse and discord than shows double or triple its running time. This is definitely not a tidy play but one that will linger with you and make you wish for a second (or third) viewing. AFW

Roundabout Theatre ­ American Airlines Theatre ­ 227 W 42 St

Ticket prices: $67-­$137

Discounted tickets available when you become subscriber

Running time: 70 minutes, no intermission

Runs thru: November 29, 2015


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