Saturday Night – not Live but on exhibit

waynes worldThanks to a voucher from Gilt City that we got as a gift, we saw Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition. Since we knew nothing about the exhibition we had no expectations…and it ended up being a great way to spend the afternoon. Not only is this exhibition fun, we gained a tremendous amount of respect for what it takes to create a 90 minute live show every week. (It’s incredible that they’ve found the talent and had the stamina to do this show for 40 years).

You enter the elevator at the mock 30 Rock and when the doors open you are immersed in the crazy world that involves the production of Saturday Night Live. There are plenty of artifacts on display – costumes, props, actual scripts, even Lorne Michaels’ desk. And there is a lot of video. For those of us who remember Saturday Night Live’s inception this exhibit will bring back memories, some hilarious, some bittersweet when you realize how many of its stars are no longer with us. Overall, you get to watch the best of the last 40 years of SNL. The exhibition also includes videos of people that work behind the scenes: the writers, set designers, make-up artists. It’s almost miraculous that they pull this off week after week, year after year.

Towards the end of the exhibition you watch and listen as the director gets ready to take the show live, and then you are ushered into Studio 8H where the show is about to begin. Tina Fey is the guest host and declares that after about 10 years of working with the show in various capacities, she’s where most actresses her age end up — on display in a museum exhibit. There’s a lot of Tina Frey in the exhibition, but there’s a lot more that makes Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition  worthwhile seeing. LAR

Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition, 417 Fifth Avenue

Open: Mon-Thurs: 11a-8p, Fri: 11a-9p, Sat: 10a-9p, Sun: 10a-7p

Ticket price: $29

Discounts available: Gilt City, Groupon, Goldstar, etc. (when available)


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