Fringe NYC – so many plays, so little time

FRINGE FESTIVAL - 2015 PRESS ART - Land of Broken Toys - Pictured:Sky Lakota-Lynch & Sydney Farley - Photo Credit: Dixie Sheridan

Land of Broken Toys – Pictured:Sky Lakota-Lynch & Sydney Farley – Photo Credit: Dixie Sheridan

The 19th annual New York International Fringe Festival always has theater lovers feeling like a kid in a proverbial candy store. So many delicious choices. We unfortunately couldn’t get to as many shows as we would’ve liked this year but the riches are available through August 30 and we hope you get to sample as many great shows as possible.

Land of Broken Toys tells the story of a couple who meet at a very strange intimacy seminar, presided over a man called Dr. Intimacy. They begin by exchanging the usual banal pleasantries and then, urged on by the doctor to share secrets, they share unpleasant truths. Sharing the stage with the couple are three other characters – a teenage boy and girl who are in a group setting for teenagers with issues, and the ex-wife of the man on the date. The time and interactions between the five people on stage constantly shift as we move between past and present. We learn how connections are made and broken and how things that are broken may be able to be put back together. The cast was uniformly good and drew your attention to them both when they were the center of the action and when they were in the background through choreographed movements while they were sitting. AFW

Land of Broken Toys, CSV Flamboyan Theatre, 107 Suffolk Street

Running time 1 hour & 20 minutes, no intermission

8/22/15 @ 2:15p

8/25/15 @ 9p


Lilli Stein and Quentin Maré (© Andrea Reese)

Lilli Stein and Quentin Maré
(© Andrea Reese)

The irony of seeing Schooled in a black box theater in the middle of the sprawling New York University campus was not lost on me. The hipster professor thinks he’s an artiste, but his only films that achieved any renown were horror films. The boy, a student in his class, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thinks he’s entitled to everything he sets his sights on. He’s been lucky and never has had to struggle. The girl, the boy’s girlfriend and another of the professor’s students, is from an underprivileged background. She has struggled for everything she has achieved, but she’s good looking, young, and talented. This plays explores what privilege and looks can buy and how those in the industry will compromise their morals to get ahead. Schooled, Lisa Lewis’ great script was rife with funny, cutting dialogue and the terrific performances from Stephen Friedrich, Quentin Maré and Lilli Stein made it seem quite real. This script seemed to hit the mark with the actors and many of those in the audience. LAR

Schooled, The Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette Street

Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission

8/23/15 @ 7p

8/27/15 @ 4:45p


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