Significant Other  – A Universal Story Individually Told

significantFour friends since college are out celebrating the first one’s bachelorette party. The three unencumbered friends joke about the upcoming nuptials, the bridesmaid dresses, and the fact that one of the three will not be wearing a dress – but doing a reading at the wedding instead. That character, Jordan, is the gay friend who is the heart of the simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking Significant Other.

The plot revolves around a scenario many of us have been through – watching our friends find the men of their dreams (or a facsimile thereof), having friendships change after weddings, and being the one who hasn’t found that special someone. That Jordan is gay, and his friends aren’t quite evolved enough to have him be a bridesmaid, adds a special poignancy to the pain he feels as he watches his friends move on. Also poignant is Jordan’s crush on his co-worker Will. Any (slim) chance of a relationship is dashed when Jordan sends Will a spectacular, and spectacularly wrong, email.

The characters in this play may be somewhat stereotypical – the Jewish girl who doesn’t shut up, the flippant slightly dark girl, the sensible schoolteacher and Jordan himself. But they are fleshed out by lovely portrayals. Particularly good are Gideon Glick as Jordan and Lindsay Mendez as Laura, his best friend in the group. They have one scene that rings so true about destination weddings, gifts that are never going to be used, and about being happy for a friend when you’re not happy in your own life. Significant Other will leave you both hopeful and melacholy at the same time. AFW

Signficant Other,  Roundabout Theatre Laura Pels 111 West 46th Street

Tickets prices:$79

Discounts tickets: $49, Theatermania (

Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes, one intermission

Runs thru 8/16


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