Pillow on the Stairs – doesn’t soften the heartache

PillowOnTheStairs1_JamesHigginsIn Brona Crehan’s Pillow on the Stairs what happens in Dublin in 1965 between three people impacts their lives well into the future. Originally written as a ten minute monologue told from one person’s perspective, Crehan expanded it to include all three characters. We learn how a secret has had a profound effect on each of their lives.

Annie (Brona Crehan) and Jim (John McConnell)  began dating in 1965, five years after her father died. They adore one another, but she’s afraid to love him too much because she’s afraid of losing him like she lost her father. She declines his offer to marry and they go their separate ways. Although Jim’s still in love with Annie, he gets involved with Margaret (Jacqueline Kealy) and she becomes pregnant. This relationship doesn’t last but affects them for the remainder of their lives.

At just over an hour, Pillow on the Stairs is loaded with emotion as it weaves together their individual stories. Monologues allow Jim, Annie and Margaret to tell their versions, which gives the play a lovely rhythm. You find your emotions ebbing and flowing in sync with theirs. There are no judgments – just  misunderstandings, misunderstood emotions and missed opportunities. LAR

The Cell Theater – 338 W 23rd Street

Ticket prices: $30 (http://www.thecelltheatre.org/events/2015/2/11/pillow-on-the-stairs)

Running time: 60 minutes

Runs thru: February 28, 2015




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