The Seeing Place Theater – has its eye on the future

Seeing placeThis is the second piece in an ongoing series where we look at different developments in the theater industry.

The Seeing Place, an independent theater company founded five years ago by Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, is on a mission. They hope to raise $25,000 through a capital campaign to help secure their new home in Kips Bay. Local leaders and businesses support and welcome their effort.

The Seeing Place says it’s different than other independent companies because it’s actor-driven – a place where everyone works collaboratively. And they do so on a shoestring budget supported by volunteers. Rather than just performing a script, the actors work to understand the words on a visceral level. They choose only published works, yet ones that still resonate with current issues. To broaden the impact, community leaders are invited to certain performances to facilitate discussion – this way the cast and community continue to learn and grow after the curtain goes down.

The capital campaign goals that The Seeing Place have set are not that lofty but Erin and Brandon have lofty goals. They want to continue building a company that helps actors develop more fully, they hope to make Kips Bay their permanent home, and they promise to keep prices well below the standard market price making live theater affordable to as broad as audience as possible (it’s less expensive to see a performance at The Seeing Place than it is to go to a movie). LAR

The Seeing Place – at The Clarion Theater, 209 E 26th Street

5 vouchers for the season’s five plays are $65, VIP (which includes a glass of wine at each performance) $100

To contribute to the capital campaign:

Subscriptions on sale now:

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