Kind Souls – it’s hard to stay kind when conflicted

kind soulsI was intrigued by the title of the show –  Kind Souls –  but sadly that’s where the love affair ends. The story follows a young married couple (Tara and Oliver) trying to survive amidst a great conflict in the rural world they live in.

I would really love to elaborate more on what the conflict is but truly there was no explanation. It could have been a war, a recession or an alien invasion…. I felt as though the entire show had a prologue that I was supposed to understand before I entered the theater. As a writer, I fully understand you need to trust your audience to piece together parts of your work, but this was ridiculous. The story hinted at one point in time the couple had money, but also gave the impression they had never enjoyed the comfort of financial stability. The couple finally finds jobs at a local business. Towards the end of the show it is revealed that the jobs they take are supporting the most horrific of all establishments.

Again, I apologize for the lack of detail but truthfully there was none. Overall while the show was incredibly hard to follow, it kept me on my toes. The entire time I was expecting an “ah-ha moment” but nothing ever came to fruition. However the acting was great especially John Clarence Stewart as Oliver. I hope to see both of the actors in this play go on the roles more worthy of their talents. GVV


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