Honeymoon in Vegas – a marriage that survives this will last forever

Honeymoon in vegasI’m not usually a fan of musical comedy, but I loved Honeymoon in Vegas which is based on the 1992 movie of the same name. It’s silly and fun and stars TV’s Tony Danza – who makes up in charm what he lacks in musical ability.

The story is far-fetched. A young couple wants to marry but the man promised his now dead mother that he will “Never Get Married”. So of course, he suffers from tremendous Jewish guilt. Under pressure from his girlfriend, he makes an impulsive decision to fly to Vegas so they can quickly get married. There he meets Danza’s Tommy Korman, a suave mobster who thinks the young girl resembles his dead wife. The young man is invited to  a poker game by Tommy where he loses more money than he can afford. Tommy offers to make good on his debt if the young man allows him to  take his girlfriend to Hawaii for the weekend. Much happens including parachuting Elvises who save the day. Silly, silly, but very entertaining.

If you want to see something light and laugh-out-loud funny that your entire family, from six to 96 can enjoy together, make this your theater pick. And if the kids miss some of the references there is more than enough to keep them engaged. LAR

Nederlander Theater, 208 W 41st Street

Ticket prices: $69-$187

Discounts: TKTS, $69-$89 at Theatermania.com Code: THM2014, Papering Services have been giving away complimentary tickets.

Runs thru: May 31, 2015

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes



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