The Imitation Game – Heartbreaking History


Imitation gameThe story of Alan Turing is one of those tales that has to be true, because otherwise we wouldn’t believe it. The Imitation Game brings the little-known story of the brilliant mathematician who built a machine to break the Nazi Engima code during World War II to life with suspense, humor and pathos.

The movie is compelling to both lovers of history and those who just appreciate a well-crafted, well-acted movie. Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent as Turing – a man who possibly suffered from Asperger’s, was definitely arrogant and eccentric, and very much a loner. This scientist is placed into a team of other brilliant men as they feverishly work to decode messages and save lives. As we know, there’s no “I” in team, and Turing alienates and infuriates those he’s supposed to be working with. The one person he has a bond with is the woman who Turing champions to join the team – played by a winning Keira Knightley.

This movie is both an intimate film in its depiction of Turing and his interaction with the other team members, and a larger scale film in its WW II scenes. Even though I knew how the film ended, I still had tears in my eyes at the inhumane treatment of Turing and the fact that this brilliant man did not get his due. Both Cumberbatch and his fellow actor Eddie Redmayne turned in performances in 2014 that honored real-life trailblazers. AFW

Running time: 114 minutes


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