Interstellar – Long enough to go to the moon and back    

InterstellarHad I realized how long Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was I would have looked for somewhere else to spend the afternoon. This movie is a cautionary tale reminding us that if we don’t start taking care of our planet, global warming will take care of it instead. So, he suggests we better start looking elsewhere to try again.

Matthew McConaughey plays a young, widowed, retired aeronautical engineer. He lives with his  father-in-law and two children farming what’s still arable of the family’s land. He is recruited by NASA astrophysicists (a very miscast Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway) for a final mission – to head into space to find a place to re-colonize our planet.

This movie tries to be larger than life but gets lost in its own bigness. The special effects are terrific and, I admit, there are some exciting scenes – although I lost focus when it tried to pull at my heartstrings. And at the end there is an overly long discussion/explanation of the third and fifth dimension which left me dazed and confused. With the great cast and writer/director I expected more.  LAR

Note: If you are compelled to see this film make sure to see it on a big – very big , screen


Running time: 169 minutes

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