Horse Girls – Reminded me of why I don’t ride

Horse girls 2Think ‘Heathers’ for the horsey set and you have Jenny Rachel Weiner’s Horse Girls. Although you find yourself laughing through much of this short play, it is dark comedy at its darkest.

Ashleigh and five of her “best friends” are members of the Lady Jeans Ladies Horse Club. The leader, and queen bee, is Ashleigh – a girl of privilege whose family owns the stables and horses where the girls ride. Horses are the center of the universe for these young teenage girls. But when one member learns that the property and stables are being sold to build a mini-mall and the horses to be sold for meat, things get ugly.

There’s no message in this play. It’s funny and mean. Who wouldn’t want to derail a group leader with no moral compass and an ego larger than life?  But I found something juvenile and amateurish about the entire production. The story that is the basis for Horse Girls is not original and the acting more camp than polished. Although I was entertained, my time could have been better spent – or maybe I’m just too old to truly appreciate the dark humor. LAR & AJF

The Cell Theater, 338 W 23rd Street

Ticket prices: $20, sold out, waiting list only (

Runs thru: December 29, 2014

Running time: 50 minutes

One star, one bag

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