I See You – and you should see this

 I See youI See You at The Flea is a back and forth conversation between the parents of two young children who meet on a playground. The script deals with a wide range of topics such as over-medicating America to extramarital affairs.

Throughout the entire performance I felt as though I was watching a conversation between the eternal “angel and devil” that asks  age-old questions. I fell in love with this piece. As a young woman in my 20’s I wasn’t sure how I would  relate to a show which is about being a good parent in a scary world, while staying true to yourself. Much to my surprise this was one of the most moving pieces of theater I have ever experienced. The actors touched upon nerves that would strike chords in anyone. It made me think a lot about my relationships with my own parents and how, on daily basis, so much can go wrong when raising children.

The set was simple and minimalist; it’s the dialogue you need to focus on. I left the theater feeling inspired about the future and grateful for my past. In a world where so much seems to be wrong…I See You is something worth watching and has been done impeccably right. GCV

The Flea Theater, 41 White Street

Ticket prices: $15-$30-$50-$70 (Lowest prices tickets available on first-come, first served basis) VIP tickets $100 include reserved seats and unlimited drinks for the evening. https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/937411

Runs thru: December 14, 2014

Running time: 90 minutes


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