Company XIV’s Rococo Rouge – a cabaret performance that might make Louis and Marie blush

Rococo feature image

Photo: Philip Van Nostrand

Rococo Rouge is the latest performance piece of Austin McCormick’s Company XIV. The company, originally based in Brooklyn, has found a new home on Lafayette Street opposite The Public and next door to Blue Man Group. You enter the theater through a cocktail lounge and I suggest you immediately grab a drink because Rococo Rouge is not like anything you’ve seen in New York.

The theater space is infused with incense and has lounge seating – sofas, chairs and very small tables. It’s a tight squeeze for 100 people. The five adults on our couch which really was meant for three (and we aren’t large) was a bit too “cozy”! But it did give us a chance to quickly become acquainted with our fellow theater-goers. Sitting near us were Germans, a Colombian, Australians, and a foursome who could have stepped off the TV screen from Jersey Shore. Quite an eclectic crew! AsRococo seating for the show – just imagine yourself as Toulouse Lautrec walking into a smoky Parisian bar at the turn of the century. Garish women and men, all scantily clad perform a combination of opera, burlesque, dance and even circus acrobatics. An emcee moderates and wanders through the room flirting while trying to engage the audience. It’s like a low-brow version of a scene from Midnight in Paris.

Overall the show was entertaining, but the individual pieces inconsistent and the choreography was uninspired. I enjoyed the more acrobatic pieces (I’ve always been a sucker for the circus) and the dancer who pole danced was exceptional. So, for those of you who are tired of the high-brow and want to do something a bit different you might want to consider Rococo Rouge, but I’d recommend pre-gaming with a bit of absinthe. LAR

Company XIV – 428 Lafayette Street

Runs thru November 2, 2014, Tickets $55,

Discounts currently not available

Running time 90 minutes with two intermissions

Must be 21 or over


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