The Super Hawk is a “super” fishing boat, not a big bird

Three fisherman

Who doesn’t like spending a day in the sun on a fishing boat? Seems like a no brainer, but some people aren’t on board. So it’s usually just my dad and I who go fishing as often as we can throughout the summer. We’ve been fishing together since I was a kid. First in small local ponds catching minnows, then off piers on Long Island in Freeport and Cold Spring Harbor, and now we’ve progressed to the Super Hawk, a charter boat based in Point Lookout, run by Captain Steve Kearney.

Captain Steve and his crew supply everything – bait, rods, tackle, instructions and even filet your catch. No mess, no bother except when you need to reach into a bucket of slimy clam bellies used for bait. Catching sea bass is fun and can be exciting and there really isn’t any skill Jocelyn fishingnecessary – or is there? My dad and I spend the day baiting hooks in a variety of ways, trading rods, trading fishing places in order to land the “big one”. There are days where we don’t catch much and others where it was exhausting because every time you dropped your line you caught a fish, albeit some of them were no bigger than the bait.

The boat is full of “characters” (myself and my dad included). Everyone has a story to share and most people are quite entertaining. But the most colorful characters of all are the crew. They are funny, irreverent and, most of all, patient and full of good cheer. And let’s not forget Captain Steve, who reigns from his cabin above the fishing deck, never missing a thing. He makes sure that no one leaves that boat without having had a great day. LAR


Super Hawk, Point Lookout, Long Island,

Sails twice daily 7a-12 noon & 1p -5:30

Half-day trip: $47 adults, $44 seniors and $30 kids (14 and younger)

Full day: $74 adults, $68 seniors

#4stars, 1 money bag







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