Jeff Bridges & Lois Lowry at 92Y give details about the making of The Giver

92YThe audience at the recent discussion of the movie The Giver knew we were in for a treat based upon the warm congenial relationship between the author Lois Lowry and the actor Jeff Bridges.

They told many anecdotes about the creation of the film from finding financing which proved difficult until Harvey Weinstein stepped in to Ms. Lowry relating a story about how she suggested to multiple Oscar winner Meryl Streep how to say her lines! They discussed casting, the remarkable direction by Phillip Noyce, and the whirlwind promotional tour that they are on.

Bridges read the The Giver 18 years ago and immediately knew that it had to be made into a film. In fact, he initially filmed it with Lloyd Bridges, his dad, as The Giver, his nephew as cinematographer and the rest of the Bridges clan playing other various roles. Supposedly, this tape is still in existence somewhere and someone in the audience suggested it be part of the extras on a DVD release.

In this screen version of the story, Jonas and Fiona are older than you may have envisioned, The Giver may be a bit younger, and Jonas never bathes the old woman (although, with a wink, Ms. Lowry has suggested in interviews that she was hoping to make a cameo in that scene). When the movie opens next week true fans of The Giver will be delighted that it remains true to form and, from the clips that were shared, this movie looks exquisite. LAR

Movie opens 8/15

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