Mr. Confidential – no secret I didn’t like it

NYMFBefore the National Enquirer, TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, there was Confidential Magazine “invented” by Bob Harrison in the 1950’s. It was a gossip rag that exposed the private lives of celebrities until Hollywood decided to try to put an end to its publication and tried to sue Harrison for libel.

Gossip can be entertaining, but unfortunately the most entertaining part of this show happened before it started. It was opening night and friends, family and industry people were all in attendance. The ushers lost control of the line and everyone seemed to be trying to outdo one another with their self-importance. And then there was the buzz about where “Tommy” was sitting. This turned out to be Tommy Tune who snapped his fingers and drummed his legs through many of the numbers.

From all the pre-opening buzzing I expected to see a New York Musical Festival marvel but the play fizzled out. The musical numbers were uninspired, the story disjointed and the play too long. Overall the show was disappointing with the exception of two of the actors, Amy Bodnar and Erin Leigh Peck. They did the most with what little they had to work with.

Psst. Confidentially, you may want to skip this one. LAR

The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater at The Pershing Square Signature Center

Tickets: $25

Performances: 7/24, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27


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