Bravo Dicterow! (and Bronfman and Brey)

New_york_philarmonic_logoIt’s not often one gets to see and hear magnificence, AND witness a part of musical history. This is the last week of performances by concert master and violinist Glenn Dicterow, who is leaving the Philharmonic after 34 years and 6,033 performances. It is also Yefim Bronfman’s final performances as this season’s artist in residence.

In the first piece, Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello in C major, Op. 56. the violin, cello and piano play off of one another. Dicterow played beautifully and it felt full of reverence and admiration for his fellow musicians. Carter Brey on cello, who reminded me a bit of Sting, was the perfect foil. Although he seemed to want to let loose, he kept it in check to honor the great violinist. Even Bronfman toned down his performance in honor of Mr. Dicterow.

As readers of this blog know I consider Bronfman a classical music “rock star”. I’ve seen him let loose over the keyboard where I was left breathless. He was more reserved at last night’s performance – he stayed on his seat – but he let his hands and fingers do the talking. I sat there rapt. Although respectfully reserved in the first piece, he took charge in the second, Beethoven’s Piano Concert No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73, Emperor. At times, I truly forgot there were other musicians on stage, that’s how commanding his presence is!

This festival and tribute performance end on Saturday so you may not get a chance to see Glenn Dicterow again, but do yourself a favor and try to see Yefim Bronfman. (He’ll be a Carnegie Hall in October ’14) and I look forward to seeing Carter Brey again at the New York Philharmonic. LAR

New York Philharmonic – Avery Fisher Hall, 10 Lincoln Center Plaza

Tickets still available for Saturday – $58-$169

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