Mirror, mirror on the wall, this Snow White was not good at all


Youth versus age wage war in Angelin Preljocaj’s Snow White.

The ballet opens with the queen giving birth to Snow White. I grew old as she worked her way across the stage in the longest labor in dance history. Unfortunately this set the pace for the rest of the ballet. This Snow White is boring.

There are parts that were enjoyable. The wicked stepmother’s cats and the deer in the woods whose heart the hunters cut out were very good. The seven dwarfs mining their cave were amusing. However it was a bit like Fuerza Bruta. They climbed a wall horizontally like spiders and bounced off on bungee cords. But there were too many distractions. There was too much smoke. I suppose this was to give the set an eerie feeling but it just gave me a headache. Then I found myself focusing more on Jean-Paul Gauthier’s costumes than the dancers. Most of the costumers looked like diapers and I would have put money on Snow White falling out of hers at some point. (She did not). There was also a technical problem. The music stopped and the dancers kept on dancing. This just added to the tedium.

Emilie Lalande, who danced the role of Snow White, was very good, but the other dancers were lackluster.  Perhaps it was just the monotony of Preljocaj’s choreography. When the stepmother dressed as an old woman poisons Snow White with the apple I wanted to scream – just die already! Finally, at the end of the ballet when she gets her comeuppance and dances as if on hot coals it just seemed like she was having a seizure.

I rarely pay full price to see anything and I admit, sheepishly, that I did for this performance.  I would have preferred staying home and watching the Disney version again. Heigh Ho. LAR

SNOW WHITE, Ballet Preljocaj Lincoln Center, David H. Koch Theater

Apr 23-27




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