All In at All’Onda

shutterstock_176181272 [Converted]Seeing a Broadway or off-Broadway show always presents a dilemma to me – where to go for a light dinner beforehand. If the show has a fairly short running time I can dine after the performance, but sometimes I’m heading back to the wilds of suburbia and that’s not an option.

The Partner-in-Crime (P-I-C) and I love restaurants that have great bars to sit at and offer menus that allow us to graze (much like antelope). So when attending a recent show at Classic Stage Company we found ourselves at the new “darling” of the area, All’Onda.

Since I read a number of foodie blogs, All’Onda had been on my radar. I was a little unsure of what the menu would be like, as the restaurant was being termed as a Venetian/Japanese hybrid. But the website says it serves Modern Venetian Cuisine (I guess as opposed to Old-Fashioned Venetian Cuisine) and we decided to give it a try.

The bar was right up our alley. They have a number of what looks like elixirs and potions on the bar and I am always looking for strange hybrid drinks. There are wines on draught and the bartenders (glad to see more women in those positions) were friendly and talked about how the bar fills up early (it did). I thoroughly enjoyed Old Sal – a drink, not a bartender and we had a delicious red wine from the draught. We had two pastas with Japanese influences – one with peekytoe crab and one with smoked uni – and both were excellent. The portions were just right.

As we were pre-theater we got to see the restaurant fill up and will try to make it upstairs to the restaurant portion for lunch at some point, which All’Onda just started serving. AFW


22 East 13 Street, (212) 231-2236


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