Looking up the answers in “The Library”

TheLibraryThe Library at The Public Theater is a story about truth, perception and faith. A teenage girl survives a shooting at her high school. Unfortunately a number of other students, a teacher and the gunmen die. The girl relates her account of what happened to her parents and the police. Another eyewitness tells his story. The two stories are different.

Scott Z. Burns’ remarkable play deals with society’s culpability when taking sides after a tragedy. It also tackles how and why different people hold onto different “truths”. As good as the script is, it is the cast that brings this show to a whole new level. Chloe Grace Moretz and Lili Taylor in particular are superb, but the entire ensemble is convincing in their supporting roles.

The Library is 100 minutes long. Most of the plot is devoted to showing the audience the details of what happened from different perspectives. Pay particular attention to what is said at the end. I wish I could have read the script of this play or been able to hit a rewind button. The words are poetic and there is a lot to absorb. Burns gave us the script and now it’s up to the audience to try to understand the parallax. LAR

The Library runs from 3/27-4/27 and opens 4/15.

Tickets are $75-$85

(There is a code EARLY for $60 tickets through 4/13)

With a $60 annual membership they are $45

Talkbacks are being held 4/1 and 4/16





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