Man can live on Breads alone

shutterstock_176181272 [Converted]Growing up in a Jewish area of Queens (as one can tell from my accent) I got to enjoy some great Jewish pastries. Babka, rugelach and cheese Danish were some of my favorites. Since moving to the wilds of Northern Westchester the pickings have been slim. That’s why I was thrilled to read about and shlep my way to Breads Bakery in the Union Square area.

Breads is the creation of Israeli baker Uri Scheft. You walk in and to one side are self-serve pastries. Behind the counter are breads and other goodies. And in the back of the store is a café. Breads is not for the carb-conscious – unless you’re trying to fill up on carbs.

For holidays Breads makes specialty items – hamentashen for Purim, macaroons for Passover (the French say macarons but c’est la vie)  and Christmas cookies as well.There are challahs for Friday night or Sunday French toast and more “upscale” loaves as well.

They seem to be always giving free samples in the store so you can enjoy a nosh. Just like you didn’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s (google it), you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the sublime goodies at Breads. AFW

18 E 16th Street, Union Square

Photo: by Elle l (Yelp)


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