Love and Information – Staying Connected In A Connected World

loveandinfoLove and Information is a play about how technology and information affects us in our day to day lives. Everyone will recognize some of their behaviors in many of the scenes. Some scenes run just a few lines, others are longer. Some are very funny, some I did not understand but many felt as if Caryl Churchill, the playwright, had been eavesdropping on my conversations. Creepy, but telling.

Fifteen actors perform nearly 60 scenes in about 1 hour 40 minutes with no intermission. I give kudos to the actors and stage hands for shifting props, costumes, makeup and attitudes so quickly and so often.

Two middle aged people are sitting on a park bench reminiscing about their affair years earlier – neither remembers the details the same way. Two women are on vacation together and one is relaxed, the other becomes increasingly anxious as she realizes that she can’t get cell service. In another scene a pianist has short term memory loss; he plays the music but can’t recognize people he just meets. And then there’s the woman with insomnia who wants to get up to check her Facebook.

Churchill never suggests in that we stop using technology but rather, to learn to balance it with our desire to be connected to each other.

For me, seeing this play last night had particular relevance. I had just taken a crosstown bus on which the driver had us playing games, singing happy birthday to a passenger and had us turn to our neighbor to say hello. People put down their phones, had fun and everyone walked off the bus smiling. There is a place for technology but it shouldn’t get in the way of our staying connected with one another.

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Artwork: courtesy of Richard Kornberg & Associates, NYTW


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