The Rising Generation Gives David Gergen Hope

92YRarely do I leave the 92Y without feeling energized.  Whether it is a book reading, lecture series or interview the intimacy of the venue and the quality of the speakers is unsurpassed.

Last week I attended 21st Century Leadership with David Gergen: The Rising Generation.  David Gergen is one of the few “talking heads” that I have seen on cable news that seems to be reasonable and even-tempered. On February 11, he moderated a talk between Jared Cohen, founder and director of Google Ideas, Cheryl Dorsey, president of Echoing Green and Jack Andraka, a 17-year-old inventor, scientist and researcher.

David Gergen told the audience that he is hopeful for the future of this county because of the people like those on stage with him. After spending the hour and fifteen minutes at this 92Y talk I would have to agree. Cheryl Dorsey is funding future leaders through the fellowship programs she heads. Jaren Cohen sees the connection between global events and technology and has brought his expertise to current leaders like Condolezza Rice and Hilary Clinton. Jack Andraka has developed a test which makes cancer a disease that is detectable in early stages and might improve the survival rate.

David Gergen is moderating two more talks in this Leadership series. I left this one feeling hopeful, excited for the future but terribly inadequate in the presence of this next generation of innovative thinkers.

Ticket prices are reasonable but there were discounted tickets available for this particular lecture through a third party organization.  Feel free to contact me for more information.


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