The Monuments Men — A Monumental Flop

The Monuments Men Film (1)A group of art professionals and academics are recruited into the Allied army to save the world’s masterpieces that have been stolen by the Nazis. The art has been hidden while Hitler plans the construction of the Fuhrer Museum. Hitler has ordered the destruction of all this art should he die and the Russians are closing in from the west. The race is on. Who will get to the art first? The clock is ticking……How can such such an exciting story be turned into such a dreadfully dull movie?

I blame it on the George Clooney and Grant Heslov.  They couldn’t decide on what type of movie to write. Did they want a serious drama about whether a work of art is as valuable as a human life?   Or were they trying to write a dramedy about a rag tag group of art professionals traveling through Nazi-occupied Europe on a mission to save the world’s masterpieces? Ocean’s Eleven or Rape of Europa? This movie tries to be both and it doesn’t work.

What this group of American men did for the world, in general and the art world, in particular is a story that deserves to be told and remembered. But, unfortunately,The Monuments Men is a most forgettable film.


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