Accept the Invitation and Go to Dinner With Friends at Roundabout

DinnerwithFriends1Two couples, all four are friends. One couple announces they are divorcing. The husband, Tom, has met a woman who “understands” him and gives him the emotional support he felt was lacking in his marriage. Earth shattering news to his wife, Beth, but the news also devastates their friends, Gabe and Karen. This is the story of Dinner With Friends, Donald Margulies’ Pulitzer winning play currently at the Roundabout Theater.

For two hours we become voyeurs into two completely different marriages. We watch the four characters change and their allegiances shift. The play is not full of action. Instead it relies on conversations between friends and focuses on relationships. Compelling questions make for interesting theater. Why do some marriages last and others fall apart? What gives friendship longevity?  And do you ever really know someone?

The dialogue is real. You can imagine hearing these conversations within the confines of your own walls as well as in friends’ home. For some, marriage is like an old pair of slippers – warm and comforting. But for others this can be confining and suffocating.

This play is incredibly well written and directed.  No word or action seems to be wasted. No marriage or friendship is perfect. All have ups and downs.  But, when people close to us split up everyone is affected. You never know what goes on behind closed doors, but Dinner With Friends allows you to peek inside and watch how marriage and friendships can dissolve.

This play was good enough to recommend even at full price. Roundabout Theater members get tickets at a discounts and you can currently get discounts 


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