The Invisible Woman – Don’t Go Looking for Her

the-invisible-woman--3The Invisible Woman, directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes, is not worth seeing on the big screen. The movie is based on a book about Charles Dickens who at age 45 began a secret affair with Nelly Ternan, a girl of just 17. He left his wife and their 10 children and then informed her of this change in marital status by placing an advertisement in the newspaper. Dickens may have been a creative genius, but evidently he was not a nice man.

This is the type of sordid topic that usually makes for a great “chick flick.” Don’t get excited. The pace of the movie is painstakingly slow. I found myself falling asleep (and this was during a matinee) hoping something, anything, would happen. The supporting cast: Tom Hollander, playing Wilkie Collins and Kristen Scott Thomas, playing Nelly’s mother tried to make the best of a script that was lacking. Felicity Jones, playing Nelly Ternan as the object of Dickens’ desire, was unconvincing. She played this role with just one facial expression. It certainly didn’t seem like she felt anything, let alone lust. This could have been a steamy movie, but it gave off absolutely no heat.

When I saw the previews a few months ago I thought I might like this movie. I was fooled. This movie should have gone directly to OnDemand or rental. Save your money until you can watch it at home. This way if it bores you, like it did me, you are closer to your bed.


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