Her – Small Title, Big Movie

Herphoto2This movie was not the movie I thought it would be.  It was much better.  Every word and every image is important. We get a glimpse of our future, one in which people are too tired or too busy to send their own handwritten notes.  Instead, they employ a company called beautifulhandwrittenletters.com and have strangers write their intimate letters complete with intimate details. This is the business at which Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) works. He composes beautiful notes for others, but in his own life he can’t communicate with the ones he loves. Theodore is alone as are most of the characters in this movie. Surrounded by people at work, on the street, at the beach, no one is connected – except to their devices. Enter an OS with artificial intelligence named Samantha (Scarlett Johannson) to spice things up! Samantha knows everything. But to really know something she must experience it through Theodore. In a world where most of us have become jaded, Samantha finds it new, fresh and exciting. She has an innocence that we have lost. They “date” and Theodore falls in love with his OS as anyone would. In a world where we are all too busy to be mindful, Her is a cautionary tale of what could happen if we continue to rely more on our devices than one another. Spike Jonze has written and directed a winner.


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