Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues (and so does the fun)


Anchorman 2 – The Legend Returns was a fun movie to see on New Year’s Eve.  It’s one of those days of the year where it’s best not to expect too much. This way you’re never left feeling disappointed. That’s not the best attitude to have, but it certainly worked this New Year’s eve.

Not much of a fan of what I call inane comedy, I was entertained and amused. I actually found myself laughing out loud. At times it is so stupid, it’s funny. At other times the scenes fall flat. Yet, it’s the kind of movie that you will need to watch again. Too many cameos, gags and very funny lines went by too quickly.The cast seemed to have enjoyed themselves improvising, and bringing “absurd” to a whole new level. This just may be the best gig in Hollywood. But, please next time, don’t invite Kristen Wiig or Judah Nelson to this party. She was painful to watch, the boy just cloying.

Satire or comedy? Ron Burgundy gives viewers “Not what they need, but what they want” and Will Farrell did just the same.3star1bagFeb

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